Boomers the Musical


MITF Full Score - Act I

MITF Full Score - Act II

MITF Piano/Vocal Score - Act I

MITF Piano/Vocal Score - Act II

MITF - Piano (w/Page Breaks for Turns)

MITF - Guitar

MITF - Bass

MITF - Drum Set


Prologue (demo)

Celebrate Our Victory(demo)

All American Cliche (demo)

Where Would We Be Without Comedy

I Can Be Anything

Lief's War (demo)

No More Football

Celebrate Our Graduation/Incidental Music (demo)

Shoot 'em Up

Tell Me Nothing's Going to Change (demo)

Graduation Stomp

Da Nang, Da Nang

Louder Than the Guns

Five Minute Opera

Where Are All My Heroes

Ain't So Bad (demo)

A World of Our Own (demo)

The Disco Push (demo)

You Can Be Anything

Money Is Your Mistress

There Was A Time

Candlelight Dinners

Promises Made, Not Kept

Building Scene

Celebrate Our Generation