If the Real Book were the Bible, this tune – which takes up less than a third of a page – would be Obadiah. Maybe 3rd John. This one always fascinated me as a kid. What was up with the dectuplets? Why – when most standard tunes are 32 bars, is this one an epochal short 8? What does it mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

Before you ask, yes Paul Bley, the recording artist was the husband of Carla Bley the composer.

We’ll be seeing Carla’s name a lot on this trip. At the time the Real Book was being assembled, her Jazz Composers Alliance was making a lot of waves in the jazz world. In that sense it makes the RB an interesting time capsule of what the compilers (read: Gary Burton) thought were “important” tunes at the time.

Catchy tune. At least until the solos start.